Events of any kind, as well as seminars, thrive on personal encounters and the face-to-face meeting. If these encounters are not possible at all or only possible to a limited extent, hybrid event formats are an ideal alternative.

Because events are primarily about face-to-face interaction. In a hybrid event, some participants meet physically in a designated seminar room and many others participate digitally. WeFrame One technology has brought a new product to the market that now replaces the beamer and flipchart with a simple and digital solution.

Because WeFrame One replaces beamers, flipcharts and co. and offers everything moderators and participants need to get the most out of meetings with a digital solution. WeFrame One consists of an 86" multi-touch display and a relatively easy-to-use software - especially developed for group work. In this way, all participants have the opportunity to work together in the same way they are used to in their private and professional lives - fully digitally. This way, everyone can get involved and work interactively and full of verve.

Benefits for the moderators:

  • Provides everything you know in digital form.
  • Prepare conveniently anywhere.
  • Arrive without additional packages.
  • All participants are activated.
  • Results are immediately available digitally.
  • Meetings are managed centrally, always and everywhere.

Benefits for participants:

  • Ad-hoc get started: no registration or installation required.
  • Quickly contribute ideas, questions and content.
  • Real participant interaction is encouraged.
  • Participate and collaborate via video conferencing from anywhere.
  • Fun & great results await.

We invite you to visit our Hybrid Seminar Room without obligation. Get to know our team and the many options at the Brückenwirt 

Our Hybrid Seminar Rooms

Your seminars and meetings are sure to be realised.

  • Experienced staff advise and accompany you before, during and after hybrid seminars
  • DSGVO-compliant software
  • Video conferencing with unlimited participants
  • Hybrid implementation of simple seminars up to the possibility of creating workshop rooms for participants and connecting external speakers
  • High-resolution, professional image and camera technology
  • Telephone support for external participants
  • Stable WLAN with 100 Mbit/s download and 100 Mbit/s upload

How does interactive participation work in a hybrid seminar?

How do organisers benefit from hybrid seminars?

Seminar room 2 at Seminarhotel Brückenwirt
Seminar room 3 for smaller meetings at Seminarhotel Brückenwirt
Making two into one - The large and small seminar room at Hotel Brückenwirt St. Johann
Our seminar room four with a blackboard as formation.

The Brückenwirt team (with its own Covid representatives) will help you seminar with the preparation of the Covid prevention concept and with the submission to the competent authority.

Online meetings at the Brückenwirt

as an alternative to Corona cancellations

The Corona pandemic is forcing many organisers to cancel their planned events. The brückenWIRT has been offering an alternative to seminar cancellations since September 2020: video conferences, online meetings and hybrid seminars with WeFrame technology.

In contrast to a scheduled event, participants do not have to be physically present at the venue for an online meeting. Event participation is possible with their own computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world, so without the risk of infection with the Corona virus during the event and travel time. The organisers, moderators, speakers, other stakeholders and participants meet at the brückenWIRT to realise the event as planned.

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