In the summer, when the days are long, the sun shines so long and the temperatures are so warm, we invite you to relax in our courtyard for the week divider.

The ideal image of a perfect Wednesday evening is when you can sit comfortably on the terrace while watching the sunset. Along the way, we have stylistically different live music playing every week, encouraging you to sing along and dance. At the same time you get served your favorite drink. How about a glass of red wine, a cold beer or homemade lemonade?

Wednesday in the Lower Market will begin on June 19. From then on, our alley festival will be held every Wednesday. The last date is August 21. Enjoy with us the week divider in the courtyard of the Hotel Brückenwirt in St. Johann im Pongau.

Wednesday in the Untermarkt takes place every Wednesday with free admission. Except in very bad weather.

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19. Juni – Phil Luis

19. Juni – Phil Luis

Singer/Songwriter aus St. Johann mit Schlagzeuger

26. Juni – Move on Mandy

3. Juli – Live Musik

10. Juli – String Power

17. Juli – First Summer

24. Juli – Patience

31. Juli – The Silver Stones

7. August – Offsets Duo

14. August – Lebendig aus Wien

21. August – Anna Coa

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